Chapter 11 JUST came out and it is AMAZING!!! If you haven’t completed it yet, don’t want to spoil it but, Mr.P is a robot or a cyborg, we don’t know yet. Ok then, piggy.

Piggy is a horror game on roblox and it is brilliant! You need to find keys and keycards to open doors and padlocks with a padlock the colour of the key. And if your lucky, you will be chosen to BE piggy! There are piggy skins in the shop that you can buy and only for a limited time you can get a police skin that I will you how to get…

The way to get the police skin is easy.. In the mall (chapter 10) there is a safe you have to open and the way to open it is get the green keycard and then open the safe in the blue padlock room. In the safe there is a keycard that looks like a iPad (lol). Then go to the safe in the orange padlock room put in the iPad looking keycard and then there will be a jailbreak thing that you have to go into the gold room and when you are in there escape or die and then look in the shop and you will see the police skin next to torcher. Equip it then you will have it!!!! YAY

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