#1. Frank has 132 euros and Bobby has 12 pounds and a pound is 12 euros. How many are all together? awnser=11

#2. Nate has made 108 cups and sold them in tubes of 8. How many tubes does he need? awnser=14 or 13 r5

#3. Frankinstine has made 96 monsters and gave 1 to each house and he got rid of a quater of them. How many houses did he delivered the monsters to? awnser=24

#4. Ellie has 94 houses and sold 84 of them. How many does Ellie have? Anwser=10

#5. The Pizza Man delivered 122 pizza to houses and 81 of them were gave back to him because they were too cold. How many houses have Pizzas now? Anwser=41

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