#1 Jet Pack. Get a pistol from anywere and then go to the club. When your in, there is a DJ booth and on there there are collours (dont follow the middle collour). Put those collours in your head and then go to the cash machine and then, get your gun out and shoot the collours that you put in the chat or in your head. If you get it right, it should become green. Then go upstairs and there should be a open patch and search it and you should get a red keycard called the boss keycard. When you have it, go to the airport and there shall be a door that says unlock secret. And the secret is the Jet Pack!!!

Jet Pack

#2 Death Ray. Go to the Pyrimid and complete it and in the gold room, there is a chest and in the chest there is a key. Escape the Pyrimid and then go to cluck donalds/kfc/mcdonalds in the town square next to the bank. At the back of cluck donalds, there is a key hole and it says unlock secret and press it if you have the key, it will open the wall and there will be the Death Ray (dont forget this, the person who got the key can only get the Death Ray sadly).

Death Ray

#3 Bench Glich: In the prison, crawl under the bench in the garden with your phone on, and when your head is under the bench, put your phone away and you will throw yourself into the air!!

#4 windowmaker car: Near the gun store, there is a moldy bridge and next to the moldy bridge there is a masave mountain and on top of it, there is the free windowmaker car. here is a picture of the moldy bridge and the mountain…

Windowmaker free car

#5 Mech Boss: In the egg city, there are glowing different colored eggs that spawn all the time. Pick the eggs up and then, take them to the egg icon and when you are there, place all the eggs (there are 5 eggs to place). When you place them all, stand in the middle of the egg icon/building and then you will teleport to the Mech Boss Battle and when you complete it you will get the Gitto car!!!!!!!


#1. M4DC1TY #2. W33K3NDHYP3 #3. T4L3N #4. B3M1N3 #5.B34M3R #6. STR33TL1NE #7. S34Z4N3 #8. TH1NKP1NK #9. 5K37CH #10. NAPK1N #11. REALKREEK #12. BANDITES

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